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Welcome to the Dakota Oyate Challenge “DOC” website we are hosting a website to provide all schools, family, fans, and community easy access to information including daily scores. You can access Live Ticket to watch your favorite teams compete just click on link.


The DOC board members have been planning the 2023 Dakota Oyate Challenge Girls & Boys basketball tournament over the past 12 months and we are all very anxious to watch our teams compete.


While our work has been done in meetings, with phone calls and emails, our athletes work has been done in long hours of practice sessions. Hard work, dedication, discipline, and positive attitude equals accomplishment.


I want to wish all cheerleaders, basketball players, coaches and advisors the best of luck. Make new friends, try your best, be safe and most importantly have fun!


To all the friends, family, and fans, your support of our young athletes continues to be a driving force behind the longevity of this tournament.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our youth.


I want to thank the Dakota Oyate Challenge Board of Directors for the dedication you have made to provide an exciting and fun experience for all out student/athletes! And finally, I would also like to recognize the community of Huron for their commitment in ensuring the success of this athletic and cultural gathering.



Silas Blaine

Superintendent Wakpala School

Dakota Oyate Challenge President



Dakota Oyate Challenge

1132 N. Crescent St.

Flandreau, SD 57028

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