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Welcome from Silas Blaine, Dakota Oyate Challenge President


Welcome to the 2024 Dakota Oyate Challenge “DOC” Girls and Boys Basketball Tournament. The term “Oyate’ is a Lakota term which means “Nation”. This is the Boys 35th annual and the Girls 30th annual Dakota Nation Challenge Basketball Tournament. The first Dakota Oyate Challenge Boys basketball tournament was held in Wanblee SD at Crazy Horse School in 1989 and was originally called the AIT, “All Indian Tournament”. The city of Huron began hosting the tournament DOC for Boys Basketball in 1999 and Girls Basketball in 2001.


The Dakota Oyate Challenge Board of Directors decided to relocate the basketball tournament to a venue who could offer more motel rooms and chose the city of Mitchell SD for the 2024 DOC tournament. The DOC Board will expand activities by offering Volleyball and Cross County for the 2024-2025 sports season and the events will also be held in Mitchell SD. The DOC Board will continue to seek opportunities for our student/athletes to compete and display their talents.

The Dakota Oyate Challenge Board of Directors look forward to establishing a new and great working relationship with the city of Mitchell and the legendary Corn Palace.


I want to wish coaches and athletes the best of luck. Don’t forget, hard work, respect, and good sportsmanship are core values of our high school sports. Make new friends, be safe, and most importantly have fun. To the friends, family, and fans, your support of these young athletes continues to be a driving force behind the longevity of this tournament. We thank you for it. And finally, I would also like to recognize the city of Mitchell SD for their commitment in ensuring the success of the Dakota Oyate Challenge.



Silas Blaine, Superintendent Wakpala School/DOC President

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