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History of Dakota Oyate Challenge


The first DOC Boys basketball tournament was held in Wanblee SD at Crazy Horse School in 1989 and was originally called the AIT, “All Indian Tournament Class B”. 


Athletic Directors from Crazy Horse School, “Chuck Brewer’, Crow Creek Tribal Schools, “Kim Bierle, and Wakpala School, “Silas Blaine” planed and organized the first DOC. The three AD’s decided to plan the tournament because the Lakota Nation Invitational was full. 


The DOC tournaments were moved from year to year as schools hosted the event. The shortage of rooms and local restaurants caused DOC board to look at a city to host the annual event. 


DOC board members met the city of Huron who welcomed the tournament with open arms and hosted DOC for Boys Basketball in 1999 and Girls Basketball in 2001. DOC continues to have a great working relationship with the city of Huron including,Arena,Chamber of Commerce, Law Enforcement,Signature Plus, motels, and restaurants.

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