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2024 Dakota Oyate Challenge Hand Game Champions
High School


Kul Wicasa
Lower Brule High School

2024 Dakota Oyate Challenge Hand Game Champions
Middle School


Wakiyan Cetan
Tiospaye Topa Middle School

Dakota Oyate Challenge 2024

Hand Game Tournament

Friday January 26th

Auxiliary gym

(connected to Corn Palace)

Coaches meeting 10:00 am

Tournament will start after coaches meeting


Lakota Style - 16 Sticks, No Trick Guessing, Hiders and guessers  will stand if able.


5 players per team

Double Elimination


Two Divisions 1. Middle School/ Elementary

2. High School

$200 per team

Monday January 22nd 2024, 4:00 pm central will be the final day to get your teams registered!

Send team names and divisions they are competing in to:

Tabor White Buffalo

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